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Day 1

Grief: A Neglected & Misunderstood Process

Day 2

The 6 Grief Myths that Keep You Stuck

day 3

Getting Over Vs. Getting Complete

Day 4

A first aid kit for your emotional hurts

Day 5

your first choice: choosing to recover

What unspoken hurts are binding you down and keeping you stuck? Are you tired of feeling like you should be "over it" by now and there's something wrong with you?

now is the time to say yes to BREAKING FREE FROM THE emotional pain hOLDING YOU BACK

Do not let your fears paralyze you and keep you from what you were created to do...
Today can be your new beginning! Give yourself permission to envision what your life could be like if you were to have renewed hope, joy and abundance in your life. I've been on a mission for the past 5 years to help busy, hard-working women go from grieving to healing...

"We are taught to acquire things, not what to do when we lose them."

- John W. James, Co-Author, The Grief Recovery Handbook

Most therapists and mental health professionals have addressed grief from a conceptual, intellectual perspective. This leaves us with much understanding, but very little recovery.
Hello Passion-Driven, Never-Give-Up, Work-Till-You-Drop Kindred Spirit,
Beloved, I see you...
Five years ago, I went through a completely life-altering season. I experienced a series of back-to-back losses, including the devastating loss of a dear mentor and father-figure, the painful break-up of a romantic relationship, and the unexpected layoff that resulted when the firm where I worked for many years (a job that I loved) suddenly closed.

It was a very dark and lonely time for me, and yet, to the outside world, I was "faking fine" and acting like I had it all together.

I was pretty darn good at it, too.

Months passed, and this charade became exhausting. Although I was regularly seeing a therapist, more months passed, and I was not feeling better. Instead, I felt like my whole life was crumbling before me, and I was falling into a deeper, darker, black hole with no way out.

My friends and loved ones wanted to help me, but the truth is...they didn’t know how...and I was feeling more and more emotionally depleted.

Then, when it felt like things couldn’t get any worse…I couldn’t secure a job. It was the craziest, most inexplicable thing. There I was, a former corporate executive with a stellar work history and an MBA under my belt, and yet, no one seemed to want to hire me. That is, if my resume was even being looked at, because we all know what a complete nightmare it can be to get your resume to be seen by a live person, not an algorithm. 

Suffice it to say that 18 months and over a thousand lengthy job applications later (yes, you read that right, over 1,000 job applications later)...I somehow was still unemployed.

I was struggling financially, yes, but more than that, I had completely lost my spark for life. I was no longer inspired or motivated to do anything. All I wanted to do was curl up into a ball and sleep my way into oblivion.

Can you relate?

After struggling, and essentially stumbling through this terribly difficult time, I finally found the tools needed to begin my healing journey using the Grief Recovery Method - an evidence-based “toolkit” that’s been developed and refined for over 40 years - and that has helped over a million people across the globe.

The Grief Recovery Method helped me heal my broken heart, and recognizing the immense value of this work, I became a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist dedicating my life to helping others overcome the emotional pain that comes from the over 40 types of losses that we can experience in a lifetime.

These types of losses include death and divorce, but also include much less acknowledged losses like changing to a different line of work, moving to a new home, changes in your social activities, getting ready for the holidays, gaining a new family member, a child leaving home, and yes, a global pandemic.

I mean let's face it, gals, COVID threw us all for a loop and the struggle is REAL! 

So many of you have had to reinvent yourselves, adjust your expectations, and in many cases, you lost loved ones or had a series of losses that completely shattered you.

And, on top of that…if there’s one thing that this pandemic has done, it’s that it has challenged us to re-evaluate and restructure our priorities.

Am I right?

So, I want you to consider this…what is it costing you to keep all your emotional hurts bottled up inside you? Are there people and relationships in your life that you value and that are also suffering as a result of your hidden pain?

What unspoken hurts are binding you down and holding you back from the dreams and desires in your heart? 

Are you tired of feeling like there’s something wrong with you and no one understands you?

Perhaps, like me, there have even been times when you felt judged or criticized for openly sharing your true feelings.

Or if you went through a break-up from the person you thought was "the one", maybe you’re feeling completely discouraged as you’ve realized that you’re not getting any younger and those child-bearing years will soon be behind you.
Beloved, I hear you...
In the last 5 years, I’ve had the opportunity to coach and work alongside so many Amazing, Passion-Driven, Never-Give-Up, Work-Till-You Drop, Rockstar Women...just like you.

And I’m here to tell you that YOU…like me and these women…YOU TOO can reclaim your circumstances, instead of allowing your circumstances to claim you and your happiness!

I created the Stop Faking Fine Challenge to help women just like you go from breakdown to breakthrough by using the Grief Recovery Method.

I will personally walk you through the process of demystifying, identifying, and addressing your grief so you can take intentional action and finally experience freedom and healing!

By the end of this 5-day challenge, you’ll have a proven roadmap to help you dump your emotional baggage, unlock your truth, and reclaim your life!

Are you ready to drop the charade so you can spread your wings and soar? Isn’t it time to give yourself permission to let your guard down and move from surviving to thriving?

The Stop Faking Fine Challenge kicks off soon, and this is your opportunity to join a safe, life-giving community where you’ll connect with other amazing women and learn how to be your true self, work happy, and live on purpose!

This is the absolute best time to end the masquerade and begin to heal your broken heart!

You weren’t meant to do this alone. Know this…without action there can’t be change. 

Take action today and sign up for the Free 5-Day Stop Faking Fine Challenge. You are just one click away from dumping your emotional baggage and making room for healing, joy and abundance in your life!

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Join a safe, life-giving community of amazing women ready to experience renewal, healing, and sisterhood!
It is never too soon to address your emotional pain. Think about the following analogy: If you have a terrible fall and break your wrist, do you just go about your day and wait for the injury to heal on its own, or do you go to the emergency room right away and get your wrist checked? If you’re like most people, you would likely rush to the ER. Aside from being physically painful, a broken wrist can severely interfere with your daily routine and responsibilities, and perhaps even force you to take time off from doing certain things and engaging in particular activities.

Well, grief is an injury too – not a physical injury, but an emotional injury – and grief can also be severely painful and cause a negative interference and hindrance in our lives when not addressed. Often times, we place a lot of importance in our physical health and end up neglecting our emotional health. Yet, neglecting our grief can have an even greater negative impact in our life and relationships, because unlike a serious physical injury, grief can get buried and hidden deep down inside us. 

We can go through our daily lives, and months or even years could go by without acknowledging our emotional pain. However, unresolved grief eventually comes to the surface – whether it’s after 10 months, 10 years, or 40 years – our unresolved grief can and will wreak havoc in our lives if it is not addressed timely and properly.


Cathleen Cueto, MBA
Advanced Grief Recovery Method Specialist &
Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur
Founder & CEO of From Grieving to Healing, LLC
Cathy’s Grief Recovery journey began after a series of back-to-back losses, including the devastating loss of a dear mentor and father-figure, the painful break-up of a romantic relationship, and the unexpected layoff that resulted when the firm where she worked for many years was suddenly closed.

After struggling with the conflicting feelings and emotions surrounding her losses, Cathy found the tools needed to begin her recovery journey using the Grief Recovery Method and this helped her heal her broken heart. Recognizing the value of this work, she became a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist dedicating her life to helping others overcome the emotional turmoil that comes from loss and grief.
check out what people are saying about WORKING WITH CATHY

“My life is different now after having completed the Grief Recovery program, because I realized that my grief wasn’t just about the immediate loss, but about the feelings and old wounds that the loss re-opened.”

I was struggling with the fact of being unjustly let go from a job. In the Grief Recovery program, I realized that it wasn’t so much the loss of the job that was disturbing me, but it was more so the feelings of abandonment that this loss had created that were hurting me. Grief Recovery calls on you to dig deeper and, through exercises, discover what is truly upsetting you most so that you can address it.
Cathy is a fantastic facilitator, and she truly makes everyone feel right at home. Even now that my Grief Recovery program is complete, I have such a high respect for Cathy, and regard her as a very good friend and confidant. I would highly recommend Grief Recovery in general, but specifically under the guidance of Cathy.
Ashley T.

“Everyone should take the Grief Recovery program! It was such a game-changer for me, because I now understand that grief is not just the result of the death of a physical life here on earth, but we grieve all types of things, relationships, situations, and changes in our lives.”

My mom has multiple sclerosis (MS) and I was emotionally struggling with the changes in her health over the last few years as her illness has progressed. I realized that my unresolved feelings of grief were affecting my relationship with my mom, and I had to let go of the relationship that I knew in order to accept and foster a new relationship with her. The Grief Recovery program helped to put things into perspective for me on how to handle different changes in relationships. Cathy's teaching style really allowed me to self-explore and gain a new understanding of grief and healing that I had never known or experienced before. I learned to acknowledge my losses and confront them differently. I am able to approach the relationship with my mom in a whole new light – I am more understanding, compassionate, and accepting of who my mom is today versus who she was when I was growing up. My relationship with my mom is healthier and I am now better equipped to deal with the changes that come as a result of her illness on a daily basis.
Jeni T.
grieving VARIOUS LIFE changes

“Cathy's teaching style is very professional, and she is a genuine friend who cares about everyone's individual healing journey. I would recommend this program to everyone!”

I came to Grief Recovery because I was experiencing changes in my life that I was not able to control and were affecting my relationship with others. This program was a life-changing experience for me, and I realized that we are often misinformed on how to grieve by our parents, friends, and even society as a whole. We are told to not feel bad, to be strong for others, to stay busy, and that time will heal all wounds. Sometimes people are trying to help us by telling us these things, but they don’t know the proper way to deal with grief. Grief Recovery guides us to identify the unhelpful methods that we turn to when we are grieving, and then it challenges us to dig deeper so we can emotionally heal. Cathy is masterful at looking at the greater picture. This really helped my progress in the Grief Recovery program, because she asked me questions that challenged me and helped me reach my recovery.
Sandy P.


Grief is the normal and natural reaction to loss. It’s not a pathological condition or a personality disorder, but society says there is something wrong with you if you aren’t happy all of the time.

Some of the most common things people hear following a loss are not helpful including “we know how you feel” and “it just takes time.” No one can ever know exactly how you feel because no one had the relationship you had.

Time alone does not heal heartache. Many people come to us with broken hearts over losses that happened over 20 years ago. It’s not time that heals, but what you do in that time.
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What are the dates of the Stop Faking Fine Challenge?

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